Welcome to the BhCo!

Giscours a posted Jan 14, 14
Hello and Welcome the all the new members who recently joined our BhCo family. 
If you need help gearing up or anything else, Let us know !

We are pushing towards a solid regular raiding team, having moved to Draenor from 
Kilrogg (regular 25man raiding, back in the day) we are trying to rebuild,and progress.

If interested please signup using In-game calendar. Raiders need to make sure they have Mumble installed and setup (details in guild info), have DBM or other boss-mod addon. Come prepared and focused.

Mumble - Any problems with mumble please speak to Giscours/Bokeh. 

There is also a link in the mumble tab of website if you need to know what to do with certificate. While its not essential you speak on mumble it is required that you can hear Raid Leader and Raid Discussions. Its also a chance to have a laugh during down time between bosses.

Most importantly enjoy being here and please join in on guild chat and forums and feel at home :)